Couple’s Coaching

Are you and your spouse drifting apart?

Are there certain topics you can’t discuss without fighting?

Would you like to take your relationship from good to GREAT?

You probably started out with such high hopes for your relationship only to find that you are stuck in certain areas and you don’t have the vitality you would like.

As a coach, I can help with you reconnect with your partner so your relationship becomes more vibrant.

Do you hold back from speaking your truth?  Are you afraid of conflict?  I can help you find your voice and support you and your partner to get your needs met.

How would things be different if you had a relationship that brought you joy and energized you?

I offer customized coaching sessions most often with the couple, but we can do individualized sessions as well.  I help you to create a safe and loving environment to address issues that might be getting in the way of the relationship you want.

I have assessments and other tools to help you with effective communication – which most of us haven’t seen modelled!  I help you to create a vision of the relationship you want and assist you with the skills and attitudes that are necessary to get there.

Are you ready to give your marriage or relationship a kickstart?  Click HERE to apply for a complimentary consultation and we can determine if we’d be a good fit!