You load the dishwasher how?!

A few years ago a man who I thought was the love of my life (and who is still a dear friend) moved into my place. I’m the kind of person who loads a dishwasher very carefully with nothing touching. I believed that it was a recipe for disaster to load a dishwasher any other way! This man had a totally different approach. His goal was to load as many dishes as possible which meant a kind of random and haphazard loading (in my opinion!) I was horrified! Here I thought we were going to happily coexist forever… but how could I let go of my “right” way to load a dishwasher? Well, I decided to take the big risk and see what happened when the dishes went through loaded by him. Amazingly, nothing got broken or chipped. My dishes didn’t have to be replaced! And what I learned from that is that it’s actually OK if some of the dishes touch and it doesn’t have to be as “perfect” as I had believed. The bigger picture is that I can now be aware of any anxiety that arises when people do things differently from how I do… but if I just allow it and see what happens I can learn a lot.

How are you at letting go of doing things your way? Where in your life could you relax and be open to someone else’s approach? I’d love to hear your stories and let others learn from them, too!

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