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Relationship Advisor: Love Coach Lynn

Calling in "the One" coach
Love Coach Lynn

As a Calling in “the One” coach I can honestly say that I use the principles, the perspective, the consciousness and the practical skills of what I share with my clients in my OWN life all the time – and not just in the dating realm.

As a graduate of the Relationship Coaching Institute Singles and Couples Coaching trainings, I apply the techniques of Conscious Dating and Radical Marriage in my close relationships.  The approach of David and Darlene Steele has inspired me and if you’re a single or a couple I want to inspire you too!

I started my journey toward self-awareness in 1991 when I was very unhappy in my life. I wasn’t asking for what I needed for two reasons: one was that I really didn’t know what I needed, and the other was because I didn’t have the courage or skills to speak up – and to risk the conflict that might arise. Working with a counsellor back then started me on a journey I continue to this day. Working with coaches, other professionals, being in groups, reading books, taking online courses…. Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store!  The beautiful thing is that my clients benefit from my insatiable thirst for knowledge and new experiences!

I know what a difference this work has made in my own life. I am so much happier in myself, I’m able to speak my truth, I am clear on what I look for in friends and dates, and I am able to create my life the way I want it to be.

My formal training includes a B.A. in English Literature and Philosophy from the University of Victoria, certification as a Registered Massage Therapist, but now, more relevant, is my certification as a Calling in “the One” coach gained from studying with Katherine Woodward Thomas (the author) and her teaching partner, Claire Zammit. I became certified in 2010. The following year I trained with the Relationship Coaching Institute and became certified as a Singles Coach. In 2016 I completed the training for Couples Coaching from the Relationship Coaching Institute.  Add to this a lot of life experience in dating and relationships and I have to say that I am very well-qualified for this work!

In terms of leadership, I am currently the President and Vice President Education of Thunderbird Toastmasters in Victoria. B.C.  I have learned a lot about leadership and working with a team, as well as building my confidence as a public speaker, of course!

It takes a lot of commitment, time and energy to explore self-awareness and to gain the skills required for a healthy relationship both with oneself and others. It’s been so worth it to me.

I love to work with others who are ready to use dating and relationships as a springboard to jump into the journey of self-discovery. This is the foundation of true intimacy.

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