Q:        How can you help me?

A:        I offer a complimentary consultation to anyone who is seriously interested in exploring working with me.  I learn more about you and what you are looking for regarding your relationships and I get a sense of how best to start working together.  I help you to discover the strengths you already have, and I help you to learn new skills and gain awareness that will help you in your relationship with yourself as well as with others.


Q:        I don’t know what I need.

A:        We don’t know what we don’t know!  As your coach I can help you determine what your desired goals and outcomes are – and I can help you to get there.


Q:        Why should I hire a coach instead of reading self-help books?

A:        I think self-help books are great, but there are several advantages to hiring a coach.  For one thing you are held accountable.  How many times have you started a book with the best of intentions only to put it aside when you are distracted by something else?  With coaching we agree on your homework and you commit to following through.  Also, as your coach I get to know you and I see when you may be repeating old patterns… and I gently steer you back on course.  All my coaching is customized so you get exactly what YOU need.


Q:        What makes you an expert on relationships?

A:        I have a combination of life experience as well as certification in the Calling in “the One” program and the Singles Coaching program from the Relationship Coaching Institute.  I’m also a Certified Professional Life Coach.  I have completed a program at the Relationship Coaching Institute on Couples Coaching and I got 100% on all the exams!  There are many people out there who hang up a shingle without any training.  I’m sure they have a lot to offer, but you can be confident with a trained coach that we know what we’re doing and we have solid, tested, effective programs.

Do you have questions that haven’t been answered?  Send me an email and I’ll be happy to respond!